Computer Generated Valentine’s Cards

It’s Valentine’s Day, a holiday where demonstrations of affection become obligatory instead of voluntary. Such affection can be expressed through gifts (like red teddy bears) or acts of service (throwing out old teddy bears). But what do you do if the love language of your partner or partners are words of affirmation? You may have deep emotions, but are unable to put them into words effectively. Does this mean you should give up and buy sexually problematic candy hearts? No! I have a another idea. Like most things in this world, computers are also better than humans at love. Why would you buy a greeting card that some dude in a cubicle thought up, when you can use declarations of fondness created by a neural network that analyzed hundreds of Valentine’s Day card quotes? As a fan and spectator of love, I’ve already generated dozens of these cards and posted the best ones below. Feel free to use any of these for your significant other today. The time has come to bring a robot-like accuracy and efficiency to romantic relationships.
Additional quotes:
  1. I love you and always and married me and are made and always get to spend to be as you.
  2. I love you a beaver, but I can’t be as yours and marriul other and can be as all the day to you a beautiful to my favorite person with you. I love you and I don’t want to see you and always are the best thing that I love you. I love you and person in the love.
  3. You are loved because I love you, because you are more because for your heart.
  4. My husband and I want to say far in enjoyable.
  5. I hope you have a man better thing. You’re so great as I don’t think we are made to hold whether together as you and I could to be. you’re making a week when I can’t.
  6. Thanks for magic that that I’m the lost that celebration. Thanks for being my favorite people represioon. Happy Valentine’s Day to be loved for love!
  7. The best friends are chews you and I ask and deep chocolates
  8. You are being easy sweetest as your story.
  9. I don’t want to can’t feel like you and like the princes. Happy Valentine’s Day!
  10. You’re my love when I say Valentine and I have a life and you’re the love of the way you have a sunshine to my favourite person in my life.
  11. I love you to be the most days all the day.
  12. You stole my life and so loved to the sweetest day.
  13. You are the best thing that I can’t do.
  14. I love you and always always being the sweetest thing that could be a day to you a beautiful thing that I love you and always be as all the love of a sunshine.
  15. You are the best thing that I have a true life with you.
  16. You are the best thing that I can’t wait to make you and I don’t think of the day I think of the best one of my life.
  17. I love you as about you and sharing me to be as all to have for you!
  18. I don’t want the world together and so loved is the first of me for you.
  19. I love you at someone heart and he can celebrate on day to me.
  20. I would love you with you is only sweethearts.