The Story so Far

  • 2002 – Our story begins the summer before RC’s last semester of college. Her nephew K-Dog moves in and they play a lot of video games, especially DDR at the local mall
  • 2003 – RC graduates and moves to Columbus. The only people she knows there are a few friends from high school, including Brad and The Rogg. Luckily, they are gamers as well.
  • 2004 – RC buys a house. Brad and Will move in as roommates.
  • 2005 – Lots of Magic the Gathering, Poker and World of Warcraft is played. Brad and Will eventually move out.
  • 2007 – RC inadvertently deletes all the files she uses to make comics. On the brink of quitting she finds a few files and continues going.
  • 2008 – RC and Ashley begin dating.
  • 2009 – RC and Ashley get engaged at Disney World and begin wedding plans.
  • 2010 – RC and Ashley get married.
  • 2011 – Ashley gets pregnant and they prepare for the new baby.
  • 2012 – Harrison, the first son of Bitsmack, is born.
  • 2013 – RC and Ashley adjust to raising a toddler and prepare for baby number 2.
  • 2014 – Jenna, Princess of Bitsmack, is born.
  • 2016 – RC transitions to female. Her and Ashley split up but continue to raise the kids together as friends.
  • 2017 – RC joins a board game club and meets many new friends. She attempts to juggle parenting, gaming and dating with varying levels of success.
  • 2019 – RC goes through 2 surgeries.
  • 2020 – The pandemic happens.
  • 2022 – RC starts doing standup and goes through 2 more surgeries. The comic turns 20 years old.