Limit One Per Customer

Don’t get me wrong, I like <a href=>EBGames,</a> but they just keep giving me reasons to make fun of them. In my latest issue of GMR they had these coupons that don’t actually save you any money at all. Basically you give EB your entire video game collection and they give you like $10 off something. Personally I never trade back games because you never know when you’ll want to go back and play that game again. There are a few bad games that I ended up putting on Amazon and I got back at least half of what I paid for them. I’d like to see EB beat that. If you’re one of those people who trade in five games to get one, don’t let me stop you. While I don’t trade in my games, I do purchase preowned games whenever possible. Continue reading "Limit One Per Customer"

Bank Error in Your Favor

I need <a href=>a new game.</a> And by “need” I mean “not required to sustain life”. I haven’t bought a game in about a month. When that happens I start to get the shakes. I surf Gamestop and EB at work and browse the same stores after work. I think I can hold out longer. I want to go through all my games and play each one at least once. However, I don’t even have all my systems hooked up yet and the PS2 has become the dedicated DDR machine. I’ll have to get a couch for the basement before I can play Ratchet and Clank again. Continue reading "Bank Error in Your Favor"

Resident Evil – The Musical

The other night I decided to get out <a href=>Resident Evil</a> for the PS1. This is the first Playstation game I ever bought. While some say this game played a big part in created the “survival horror” genre, it also made huge strides in the “crappy voice acting” genre. Seriously, the cutscenes sound like something out of a high school play. So why would I get out an old game just to bad mouth it? Ever since I quit Gamefly I decided I would go back and play every game I have. I made a spreadsheet of all my games (so far just the newer systems, but I’ll get to “Battletoads and Double Dragon” eventually), along with how far I am in each game and whether or not I want to keep it. Unfortunately I don’t think Resident Evil is going to make the cut. Continue reading "Resident Evil – The Musical"