Fun With Neural Networks

I’ve been playing around with a neural network and AI training. Here are some funny lists I’ve come up with: D&D Monsters
  • Ricon
  • Troll Worm
  • Baster Spawn
  • Mammon
  • Giant Lord Dragon
  • Swarm of Rath
  • Arcanaloth
  • Giant Spider
  • Lemur
  • Steeder Gender
  • Elven Skeleton
  • Death Behierer
  • Chain of Kamaan
  • Giant Shadow Man
  • Forest Spider
  • Treeodon
  • Bone Tracker
  • Priest of the Wind Dragon
  • Giant Swarm
Gay Bar Names
  • Goonbolisins Bar
  • Bixe’s Room
  • Lounge
  • Barrock Saloon
  • Vultine Moon
  • Charlie’s
  • The Long Ran Event (Thursday)
  • Club Alroadle’s
  • Colors Range
  • Harrier
  • Donna Cock
  • Beach Cabaret
  • Purlown
  • Parlour
  • Oilgans
  • Heaven @ Chores and Grill
  • Hamburger Night Votes
  • Club Fornile’s
  • Elition Harry
  • Club 39
Friends Episode Titles
  • The One with the Baby Laugh
  • The One with the Football
  • The One Where Joey Dates the Friends
  • The One with the Ross and a Thankage
  • The One with the Girl
  • The One with the Joey’s Cousin
  • The One with the Babysits
  • The One with the Baby on the Party
  • The One with the Thirty Device
  • The One with the Can’t Rachel
  • The One with the Baby
  • The One with the Bakes
  • The One with the Party
  • The One with the Monkey Date
  • The One with the Firm
  • The One with the Chandler Can’t Proposal
  • The One Where Ross Has Brain
Magic the Gathering Cards
  • Kavu Aetherium
  • Windering Tide
  • Hour of Lava
  • Benali’s Strike
  • Sentinel of the Grace
  • Kned of Destiny
  • Vizier of Sun
  • Anamery of Earth
  • Healer of Might
  • Reflection
  • Wall of Bright
  • Loadcauscutter
  • Votation of Bruise
  • Kozilek’s Body
  • Lifecolevory
  • Sensor Rigger
  • Ooze of Blood Sphinx
  • Oker Sinvine
  • Living of Shadowskowled
  • Venerator Eart
2018 Westminster Dog Show Contestants
  • Pride’s Crest Grand UDX6 OGM Ter At Gunsmans
  • Water Brinkey For Our Honey
  • Wateriora’s Hot New
  • Centenraha’s Rams In Bond
  • Blue Sunine Dunkeron Vandow
  • Cameragin’ A Class Out The Cowor
  • Ell’s Top Master Golden For Me
  • Villantuma So Breekwood Fire Vr Cedaa
  • Dumberground Centernater
  • Calibro Sinding Flot Ade Baratoo
  • Red Of Witcher Of Montana
  • First Betstop Brodecrond Beat
  • Rosais Star Chance V The Galary
Broadway Musicals
  • Bette Tales
  • Are The Blonde and the Big Boys
  • My Girl With It
  • Dixiana
  • The Beggar’s Girl
  • Once American Pingherge
  • Brooklyn
  • Blue Battle and the Night
  • Afgarian in the Musical
  • Dump in the First Friend
  • America Singing in the Many Phantom
  • Beat Well of Lady
  • The Boy Park Days
  • Belle of the Rolly
  • All The Secret Band
  • Charlie
  • The Belle of the Story
  • The Grrl Happened
  • The Best More and the City
  • The Book of Blondel
Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavors
  • Chocolate Cookie Core
  • Saving Burster Muds
  • Chessy®
  • Chocolate Super Crunch
  • Chestlantic
  • Chester Butter Buttar
  • Mint Almond
  • Rand Boom Core
  • Star Crunch
  • Red Crunch
  • Chocolate Fair
  • Peanut Balls
  • Trund Caramel Core
  • Cool Cookie
  • Bannii Cheesecake
  • Vanilla Food Cookie Cookie Cookie Cookiie
  • Cookies Crunch
  • Coconutterly Chocolate
  • Peanut Butter Butter Core
  • Caramel Cookie Coconut

Bitsmack is Now on Patreon

Patreon is a website where fans can subscribe and help contribute to artists they enjoy. Basically it is like Kickstarter but on an ongoing basis. I’ve been doing Bitsmack for almost 15 years now basically ad/revenue free. In fact, it costs money to host the website and renew the domain name every year. I’d like to be able to cover those costs. If you would like to help contribute to keep the webcomic running follow this link below. Subscribers get rewards such as digital books, a discussion board, livestreams and other content. Become a Patron! If you don’t want to contribute it’s totally fine too. You can continue to see the new strips every Friday like normal. The fact that anyone reads this is baffling to me. Thanks for reading!

Bitsmack Site 3.0 is Live!

If you thought Bitsmack had been abandoned you were only partially right! I’ve been working for awhile on moving the site from WordPress to a static site. I’ve been using WordPress for years but it really is overkill for a simple blog. I was tired of it getting hacked, having hundreds of spam comments a day, and constantly updating it. I am now using a static site generator called Jekyll. It is great because I’m no longer dependent on having a database and backend programming language. So what does this mean for you, the reader, if you exist? Bitsmack should load much faster now and since I am spending less time maintaining the site I will have more time to make comics. Stay tuned for some new comics and exciting updates!

Buy the Book

Bitsmack Vol. 1 Digital Copy
This book is a collection of all the Bitsmack comics from its first year of existence. It can be viewed on tablets, mobile devices and computers.
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RC’s Wednesday Links

RC’s Wednesday Links

RC’s Wednesday Links