Climbing the Ladder

I’ll let Brad explain <a href=>this comic.</a> One thing I haven’t posted on here is this great collection software I found. It’s called <a href=>Collectorz</a> and they have programs to track your movie, video game, comic or CD collection. I love organizing things and statistics so these programs are great for me. There are dozens of fields so you can keep any information you want about each item. Adding a movie or video game is easy because you just have to enter a title and all the other info is filled in from the internet, except for my Japanese games that I had to add manually. There are no online databases for comics however so you have to enter that info in yourself. So what do I do with this info? I don’t know, its kinda cool to see which years I bought the most games or which genre I have the most of. I also keep track of my progress in each game so I feel like I am accomplishing something. You can also track who you loaned a game or movie to. It is a little pricey, $40 for each program or discounts for two or more. But if you’re like me and want to know instantly what your high score in Frogger is, it might be worth checking out.