GBA SP Released

Over the weekend, the <a href=>GBA SP was released.</a> Some stores had it as early as Friday. I picked mine up Saturday at Best Buy. Based on the poll results I bought A Link to the Past. I was hesitant to buy a game I can already play on the SNES, but then I realized I don’t own the SNES version. I’m not going to put up a lengthy review of the new Gameboy, enough other people have done that. What I will say is that the backlight is nice and the speaker is much louder. I can’t wait to get caught up on all the GBC and GBA games I’ve never been able to play before. In other news, my copy of The Wind Waker should be shipped out tomorrow. All this talk about Zelda lately made me want to put up a new poll. What is your favorite Zelda game?