More AI Fun: Nancy Drew Titles

I’ve been stuck in bed for a couple weeks after having surgery (long story). So I decided to run some more lists through a neural network. These lists came from suggestions people made at my birthday party. The first one is Nancy Drew book titles. Based off 211 book titles here’s the the AI came up with:

The Secret of the Missing Manite

The Secret in the Showboot

The Secret in the Capital In the Missing Stars

The Riddle in the Old Crime

The Secret of the Symbol

The Mystery of the Red Stars

The Haunted Covered Mistake

The Mystery of the Ivory Candle

The Secret at the Safecracker

The Case of the Clue in the Old Forgotten

The Mystery of the Riding Stars

The Clue Clue of the Crumbling Past Lady

The Mystery at the Search for the Destoring Statue

The Case of the Old Lady

Last Live Inn

The Silver Brake

The Mystery of the Island

The Clue at Wooden Line

The Secret in the Dead Mystery

The Silver Stars

The Clue on Mostle

Mystery on Tip

The Witch Mystery

The Clue of the Dancot Mystery

The Case of the Doll Mystery

The Simous Crime World Thank