AI Fun: #1 Country Songs

Someone suggested that I run a list of top 40 Country songs. This was difficult as Billboard and other sites don’t have their lists in a format easily exported into a text file. What I ended up doing was going through the #1 country hit for every week dating back to 1947. I ended up with 1682 song titles to give us some great results.

I Want to Be My Life

The Way You Were Gonna Love Me Again

The Way It Again

The Road Tonight

I Don’t Want to Be a Little Time

The Baby Boys

I Love Me in My Heart

Somebody Still Been Anymore

Heart Love (The Good Things I Can Love You)

I Won’t Be The Stars To Be My Heart

The Way You Were Your Love

The Road Thing That Comes a Little Time

I Won’t Come In Again

I Want to Be a Long World of My Life

I Don’t Want to Go

The Way It Again

I Want to Be Loving You

I Want to Be There

What I Love You Again

What I Have to Make It of Forever

Don’t Want to Be The Shoulder

I Can Be a Little Boys

A Fool Angel Thing

The World of Woman

I’ll Think of Me

I Think I’ll Love My Love

Amazing Rock

Gone Mornin’ About You

I Don’t Believe a Man

Watch Me That Good Again

Good Love (All Colorion for My Name)

My Don’t Want to Love You

The Good Blues

The World I Can Do I the Blue

What I Love You When I’m All to Make You Meant It All Your Love

I Don’t Get When I Don’t Want to Be to Marry That

Boon’s Age in a House

Everybody Japan (Who Don’t Crazy at a Fully Doo)

Next Monkin’ on the Rain

(As You’ve Got a Brown Southern Kisses)


Put Can’t Be Waller

Love Without Eyes

City, Mama Arms of Money

Dear Happens

You Were Before

Help Come

Every Meet Like in My Heart

Hanging Walk

Highway Comes

Sure My Night