Relative Goodness

Goz and I went and saw <a href=>Hellboy</a> over the weekend. It wasn’t incredible, but it didn’t really suck. After my comic on Friday, I decided to pick up Culdcept for the PS2. It is more like Monopoly than I expected. The games are pretty even until someone lands on a big money space, then it’s real hard to come back. My favorite feature is that even if you lose a game you still get new cards for your deck which will help when you take on the opponent again. Over the weekend I also updated the ads on Bitsmack. The first is Maveric PC which builds gaming PCs. The second is PlayAsia, which is one of the best import video game sites I’ve found. I’ve also added Google Adwords to the left column. It displays links that should be of interest to gamers. Bitsmack has been providing a fun place for gamers to hang out for almost two years now and by checking out these sponsors you can help keep it going.