Up Up Down Down Yada Yada

<a href=https://www.bitsmack.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Comics&file=index&action=comic&id=288>Today’s comic</a> will not give you 30 lives. A week from today TheRogg, Goz and I are heading to WizardWorld in Philidelphia to meet Kevin Smith. I have no idea what to say to my idol when I meet him. I think I’ll be able to restrain myself from becoming a total gushing fanboy, but we’ll see. Speaking of comics, did anyone see the Smallville season finale this week? It was a pretty good cliffhanger and I have no idea what will happen next fall. Annoying website of the day: <a HREF=http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=scorpluvr>http://www.xanga.com/home.aspx?user=scorpluvr</a> Goz and I came across this site while trying to find the “Like a Hurricane” remix on the Coors commercial. It has to be one of the ugliest websites I’ve seen in awhile. Lucikly we did find the Wingman song at another website. I love that commercial. Warning: trying to read any text on the above page could cause headaches, vomiting and/or impotance.