Show us your moves… again

<a href=>Today’s comic</a> is not an exaggeration. Since I was able to beta test XBOX Live last year they gave me a year of service for free. That being said, I haven’t actually used it for months. The only game I have is Mechassult. Even though there are some interesting games I’d like to play the headset is not as cool as you would expect. Everyone I come into contact with can be grouped into three catagories:
  1. People who spout profanity every other word
  2. Nerds that are so annoying they couldn’t possibly have real friends
  3. Children who are also annoying because they talk too loud and/or use the stupid voice masking
Sure you can always mute someone who is annoying you but this isn’t very feasible when you are playing a racing game like MotoGP. Ultimately, if I ever get another XBOX Live game I probably won’t bother plugging in the headset.