Dark Cloud 2 rules… for now.

Puny earthlings, here’s a <a href=modules.php?op=modload&name=Comics&file=index&action=comic&id=260>comic.</a> Let me start by saying this is no exaggeration and I am completely serious: Dark Cloud 2 is THE BEST RPG I’ve ever played. Here are some reasons why.
  1. There is so much stuff to do, besides the typical dungeon crawling and leveling up you also get to build towns kinda like The Sims, and you can also make new inventions by taking pictures of things.
  2. All of the tedious, repetitive stuff has been taken out. By going to the menu I can instantly go to any town or dungeon, instead of spending minutes to run everywhere. When I leave a dungeon, my characters are automatically given full health, no need to find an inn.
  3. Smarter menu. If I am poisoned and go to the menu, the antidote will be glowing so I know quickly which item I need. It also tells me exactly which items I need to upgrade my weapons to the next level. Also the help menu is the best I’ve ever seen. At any time I can get a short tutorial on how to do something.
  4. The game just rocks. It has action based battling instead of turn based. The controls are great, the cel-shaded animation looks awesome, and even the music is pretty good.I know people think Chrono Trigger or Zelda are the best and I don’t argue that they’re classics, but Dark Cloud 2 takes RPGs to a whole new level. I’m even having doubts on whether or not the Wind Waker will be better. We’ll know for sure in another week. On another note, someone added the game Global Gladiators for the Genesis. This game is already there under the title Mick and Mack: Global Gladiators.