Gerkin’s Revenge – Part 3

Uh yeah, I forgot to post today. Here is a <a href=modules.php?op=modload&name=Comics&file=index&action=comic&id=69>comic.</a> My 3D controller for the Saturn came today. I tried playing Nights but have yet to figure out that game. I have decided as of today I am not buying any more games or gaming accessories for the rest of 2002. Except for DDRMAX, I have to get that game, but after that.. nothing. I am also putting up some of the games I never play on ebay in a new feature I like to call: “RC’s Ebay Item of the Week.” The first item is going up later tonight. Stay Tuned for further details. Ok I’ve got my first game up on ebay. You can see it in the “item of the week” section on the left side.