When DDR said "I’ll be back" I just thought it was quoting Terminator.

As kruton posted several times last week Dance Dance Revolution has returned to the Findlay mall. I decided to do a <a href=modules.php?op=modload&name=Comics&file=index&action=comic&id=48>comic</a> about it. What are you looking at? You think I’m only doing a DDR comic because there is nothing else to do is this town. Well I’ll have you know… uh… Anyway, last weekend I got a chance to see the first episode of the new He-Man cartoon and Transformers Armada. He-Man looks like it was completely remade. Since I haven’t seen the original in over a decade its hard for me to compare. This new one seems a little more grown-up, I thought it was pretty cool. Transformers Armada on the other hand just plain sucks. Here is actual dialogue from the meeting room where a bunch of corporate pricks thought up Armada: Prick #1: We’ve got a dozen shows just like Pokemon and we need a way to trick males 18-24 into watching. Prick #2: Why don’t we call it Transformers? When I was in high school dating cheerleaders and being a dick to all the nerds I remember them watching that show. Prick #1: Won’t the young males notice that the show is nothing like the original Transformers? Prick #2: Why the hell should I care what a bunch of nerds think? Prick #1: Good point. Wow… putting crappy shows on TV is exhusting. Let’s go play some golf, and admire each others BMWs. Prick #2: Sounds good. Then tomorrow I have an idea on how we can ruin Go-Bots.