Excuses Excuses

There are three reasons today’s comic is lame.
  1. For some reason Windows won’t detect my digital camera when I plug it in, so I can’t get my pictures of the Atari Swap Meet onto my machine.
  2. I bought Super Monkey Ball for GC.
  3. I got back late from the Skillet concert. Great band though.First off, the Atari Swap Meet was like “The Night of the Living Dead” except that it was during the day, and the people there were only mostly dead. There were about a dozen people, 3 or 4 had stuff set up to play, and there wasn’t anything for sale. Well I guess there was stuff sitting on a table that could have been for sale. I thought it was odd that the items did not have negative number price tags. I mean, they obviously didn’t expect me to pay THEM for this crap. The people that were there didn’t look like gamers, and they didn’t even look like computer nerds. They each looked like they could possibly own their own junkyard, or work at a junkyard, or maybe they just came from a junkyard. It’s the only possible explaination of why the stuff that was set up to play was so dirty and greasy. And I actually paid $4 to get into this! At least we did meet one normal person that told us about CincyClassic in a couple of weeks. Goz, kruton and I might get a table to promote BiTSMACK. The day was not a total waste. We found a new video game store in Columbus and I bought Super Monkey Ball for GC and The Bouncer for PS2. Both are pretty cool games.