Growing Up

<a href=>Life is good.</a> Friday night Brad and I went to Easton for some shopping. I got my tax return money and decided to buy Doom 3. I hadn’t planned on buying it this soon but then I found out that the collectors edition included Ultimate Doom and Doom II. This sold me instantly. After that we went to our new favorite comic store Dave’s Clubhouse. I made a comment about the Marvel Vs card game and it turned out that several of the people there play it and said it was fun. I bought the starter deck and one of the guys that worked there showed Brad and I how to play. It’s a pretty fun game and a nice diversion from Magic. Later that night we played poker as usual. I was down to 30 chips at one point but somehow I came back and took second place without buying back in. Saturday we decided to play D&D. I had never played before so I was curious to see what it was like. Creating a character took forever, there is so much math involved and so many things you need to take into consideration to figure out your stats. I decided to be a fighter, Brad was a monk, Heather was a wizard, AJ was a barbarian and The Raj was the dungeon master. It was pretty fun, at one point I tried to torture a guy for information by cutting off his hand but Brad caught my axe in midswing an threw me against a wall. Yes I realize how truly nerdy I have become, but I think the thing to remember is not to get too intense into any one hobby. I like trying out all these different games but I’ve never going to put all my time and money into just one of them… except possibly Warcraft. That game rocks. Continue reading "Growing Up"