Pretty Fly for a Blind Guy

This <a href=modules.php?op=modload&name=Comics&file=index&action=comic&id=116>comic</a> contains spoilers for Daredevil. You’ve been warned. Overall I thought Daredevil was a pretty good movie. The fact that I am a comic book fan probably makes me bias. My only real problem with the movie was the ending. I don’t want to give anything away so you’ll just have to talk to me if you want me to go into detail. In other news, I’m over halfway through Paper Mario and I’ve been playing about 13 hours. I hope to complete it soon because my Zelda bonus disc will be coming on Wednesday. The results of the poll are in and it looks like I’ll be adding classic and computer games to Bitsmack. There is a new post in the forums where you can list what you computers you want to see added to Bitsmack. Also, if you had any problems viewing the comic I have fixed it now. Continue reading "Pretty Fly for a Blind Guy"