BSPC-060112 – The crap hits the fan

==Intro== Goz: This is the Bitsmack podcast for January 12, 2006 Intro Music ==Opening Banter== AND WE'RE BACK! RC: Welcome Gozar: Watching ''Daredevil'' just for Kevin Smith ===Bitsmack Mailbag=== Atari 2600, two joysticks. Combat is two player only. Atari 800 - Nothing. XBox 360 - Buying new games when old games haven't been finished. ET, more copies than models sold. ==News== MacWorld report PSP Sony PlayStation Portable - News and Homebrew Updated 24/7: Sony Thwarted Again - Firmware 2.60 Hacked - First Homebrew Emerges! Thanks to his incredible efforts, it is now possible to play homebrew on your PSP no matter what firmware it has. ==Rants== Seasonal items... ==Commentary== ==Reviews== ===What we're playing=== Ratchet and Clank - Going Commando (PS2) Animal Crossing (GC) ==Closing Remarks== GTIA podcast episode 2 is coming. Thanks for listening. Feedback to [email protected] or 206-222-BITS (2487).