BSPC-050825 – How much is that Nintendog in the window?

==Intro== Goz: This is the <a href=>Bitsmack podcast for August 25, 2005</a> ===Bitsmack Mailbag=== Voicemail from Craig <a href=>Xbox 360 pricing</a> <a href=>Raj report from GenCon Indy</a> <a href=>Slashdot GenCon report</a> <a href=>Raj’s sponsor to GenCon</a> ==News== <a href=>Google now has an instant messenger</a> ==Reviews== Raj’s review of Nintendogs ==Closing Remarks== Start the <a href=>Serenity</a> countdown - Sept. 30. <a href=>Check number of days</a> <a href=>Firefly DVD set currently ranked 23</a>