BSPC-050818 – Xbox 360 crashes and burns

==Intro== Goz: This is the Bitsmack podcast for August 18, 2005 Intro Music ==Opening Banter== AND WE'RE BACK! What would you do for a 4 year old $50 iBook? Would you stand on one foot? Would you run into traffic? Would you stampede over the elderly and invalids? ===Bitsmack Mailbag=== Roger at Gen Con in Indy ==News== PRESS RELEASE: Stylish New Game Boy Micro Ships Sept. 19 The Simpsons Season 6 was released this past Tuesday. ==Rants== ==Commentary== ====Xbox 360 Coverage==== Allard confirms multiple Xbox 360 versions Xbox 360 prices Top ten most important Xbox 360 launch titles What's up with the PSP? ==Reviews== K-dog: ITG 2 Arcade ===What we're playing=== ==Closing Remarks== The 40 Year Old Virgin opens this weekend.