NES Crossing

<a href=>Today’s comic</a> will cost you 1000 bells. I have to pay off Nook or his goons will break my legs. What… he doesn’t have goons? Then why am I paying him? A comic about Animal Crossing? What is this 2003? Well Brad picked up the game over the weekend and I finally got a chance to play it. The game is kind of like having a job. You do it every day and eventually you get to play NES games. This is too close to my real life. So far I have unlocked Tennis, which is a lame game, but the fact that you earned it makes it a little more enjoyable. The non NES portion of the game is fun. I look forward to the new stuff I get to do each day. Zelda, the Four Swords comes out on Tuesday. I actually preordered this one for a few reasons.
  1. I played it on the GBA against Goz and it was fun.
  2. Most of my friends still have their GBAs and link cables left over from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles.
  3. I got a free t-shirt for preordering.