My Life, the Sitcom

Do I need to tell you there is a <a href=>new comic</a> today? I’m tired of thinking up things to put in this area so you’ll just have to know there’s a new comic Mon, Wed and Fri. Anyway, today’s comic is ripped straight from my life. I was in McDonalds yesterday morning and there was a kid crying cause he wanted a toy. I know nothing about kids but he appeared to be between the ages of 3 and 15. What struck me as funny is not just that the kid cried out like a bad child actor in an 80s sitcom, it was that he wanted a happy meal when they weren’t even serving lunch yet. Granted he wasn’t that old, but he should have been old enough to realize you can’t get toys at breakfast. Of course if that was true he would also be too old to cry about wanting a toy. <a href=><img border=0 vspace=5 hspace=5 align=left src=images/news/20030822.jpg></a>Today’s comic is dedicated to Goz and his wife who are expecting their first offspring. We’ll be watching his/her career with great interest.