Cliche is French for Cool

Ah, the <a href=modules.php?op=modload&name=Comics&file=index&action=comic&id=316>last resort</a> for story ideas. Alt-Tab, boss key of the new millin millei decade. If you thought playing games at work was a new phenomenon you’d be wrong. Even back in the DOS days, those people lucky enough to have a computer at their desk would take time out for a game of Hugo, or Commander Keen. But what do you do when the boss walks by? Some of these games were smart enough to include the “Boss Key.” One hit of the boss key would display a DOS prompt or a Spreadsheet on your screen to make it look like you’re working. This is assuming your boss doesn’t look closely and/or has no idea what your job is. But RC this isn’t the 80s, how does this apply to me? Well I’ll tell you! If you don’t already know holding the Alt key and pressing the Tab key will allow you to scroll through your open programs. Suddenly, your game of Yahoo Checkers has been replaced with Microsoft Outlook. The people I work with send such a large quantity of email to each other they should not be surprised to find me reading it for hours on end. For added security, set your toolbar to auto hide. Keep in mind these methods will not work as well on full screen 3D games. When your boss catches you playing Battlefield 1942 its up to you to explain the affect of the Axis on your company’s accounting practices. Once you master these methods you’ll be killing time the Bitsmack way!