A Wavebird is neither a wave nor a bird… discuss

After <a href=modules.php?op=modload&name=Comics&file=index&action=comic&id=55>today’s comic</a> kruton was able to talk me into getting a Wavebird controller for Gamecube. At first I was like “big deal, a wireless controller is nothing new.” I’m not so much impressed with the range or the fact that it works through walls. After all, it’s not like my couch is 20 feet away, and I don’t have a wall between me and the TV requiring me to use my x-ray vision. What’s so nice about a wireless controller though is that I can leave the controller on the couch, chair or wherever and there are no cords going through my living room. The other selling point is that it’s only $10 more than a standard controller, whose cord is so short I practically have to have the Gamecube on my lap. Nintendo obviously made the cords short to sell more Wavebird’s. This weekend my Grandparents had an auction since they are moving. I finally got a dining room table and chairs. No more card table for me. I also got a portable B/W TV which is going to become my video game mobile monitor. Kruton got a TV which we used to play Eternal Darkness. I wasn’t impressed with the game. In 2 weeks BiTSMACK is going to have a table at CinciClassic. Goz and I are talking about maybe giving away a prize or something. I urge any gamers in the Cincinnati area to stop by. I’ll post more details such as time and location later. Stay tuned.