Here’s a <a href=>comic.</a> I’ve decided to start doing one comic a week on Monday’s. I don’t want to stop doing the comic completely but I also don’t have a lot of time and its getting harder to come up with ideas. I don’t know how professional cartoonists do it every day. Not having a real job probably helps. In other news the podcast is getting a pretty good rank on podcast alley. We’ve almost broke the top 100! Continue reading "Lingo"

The Game

The <a href=>similarities are astounding.</a> After the problem with WoW Tuesday I must not have got logged out the server properly because it wouldn’t let me log back in with that character. So I started playing my Undead Mage on Skullcrusher. It was a nice change of pace and playing the Horde side I get to do quests I haven’t done before. Also did anyone see Lost last night? Wow that show just keeps getting better. Update: Maybe I should specify that for me to get a Mac Mini you have to follow the link, sign up and then complete one of the offers listed. Just signing up doesn’t count. I hope this clears up any confusion. I also took down the iPod Shuffle link. I’m not greedy, if I got a Mac Mini that would be awesome enough. Continue reading "The Game"


Today is the <a href=>first</a> of my <a href=>comics for Macs campaign.</a> I have had three people sign up already which means I just need seven more. Another thing I found out from Brad is that once you sign up for my offer you can refer 10 of your friends and get your own Mac Mini. I had no idea. It’s like a pyramid of value! One of the features of World of Warcraft is that you can customize the user interface all you want. Probably the most common customization package out there is <a href=>Cosmos.</a> I also use a couple other user mods I found out there. The problem is when Blizzard releases a new patch you have to either wait for new versions of the mods to be released, or manually change the version number on a bunch of files, and that doesn’t always mean it will work. Even after I redownloaded Cosmos when I started playing there was something up with the servers because when I was in Ironforge all of the NPCs disappeared. This means I couldn’t use the auction house or even take a gryphon out of there. My teleporting stone wouldn’t even do anything. I can’t wait until they get these server issues fixed because it is very annoying in an otherwise awesome game. Continue reading "Multitasking"


Since all I do in my free time is play World of Warcraft I decided to do a <a href=>comic about it.</a> I have come to the realization that I cannot keep up with the amount of entertainment that I have. So now I am multitasking. I have my old laptop setup to use for AIM, I am playing Warcraft on my eMac, and I have a monitor hooked up to my PS2 so I can watch 24 Season 3. Since Season 4 started I need to catch up. This has doubled my Geek efficency! Once I get caught up on my DVDs will I dare take the next step of playing 2 video games at once? Only time will tell. Continue reading "WoW!"