Today is the <a href=>first</a> of my <a href=>comics for Macs campaign.</a> I have had three people sign up already which means I just need seven more. Another thing I found out from Brad is that once you sign up for my offer you can refer 10 of your friends and get your own Mac Mini. I had no idea. It’s like a pyramid of value! One of the features of World of Warcraft is that you can customize the user interface all you want. Probably the most common customization package out there is <a href=>Cosmos.</a> I also use a couple other user mods I found out there. The problem is when Blizzard releases a new patch you have to either wait for new versions of the mods to be released, or manually change the version number on a bunch of files, and that doesn’t always mean it will work. Even after I redownloaded Cosmos when I started playing there was something up with the servers because when I was in Ironforge all of the NPCs disappeared. This means I couldn’t use the auction house or even take a gryphon out of there. My teleporting stone wouldn’t even do anything. I can’t wait until they get these server issues fixed because it is very annoying in an otherwise awesome game. Continue reading "Multitasking"

While I Was Out

Just in case you were wondering <a href=>this is why there hasn’t been a comic.</a> Today’s comic features special guest stars <a href=>The Raj</a> and <a href=>Heather.</a> I’ll let you figure out which is which. So yeah I finally got the TV I always wanted. Having HDTV for the first time I found myself watching anything that was in HD. Suddenly Trading Spaces and The District seemed interesting. Now that the novelty has worn off I have gone back to World of Warcraft. Brad and I have just created new characters on the server BloodHoof. Continue reading "While I Was Out"