Award Shows Suck

Yes, this past weekend there was yet another awards show. But wait, you say, this one was different. It was to celebrate video games. Then have a video game show… Don’t have a 2 hour long LOUD commercial about games we all no should NOT get awards (such as Enter the Matrix). No nominations, who knows how they voted, and wrap it all up in a tight little sex package composed of cheerleaders and DOA volleyball girls. I guess this is how you sell things to the networks. And my final rant is the deceptive advertising for the show. All the ads featured classic arcade characters and sounds, where were these in the show? Continue reading "Award Shows Suck"

Failed N-Gage T-Shirts

In going along with the N-Gage bashing for this week comes this comic. And if you have nothing better to do with your time, check out the N-Gage website. There is a worthless TV ad that goes through various locations where the owner of a N-Gage got the "smackdown" on himself. And you can download worthless wallpaper with appropriate sayings.... And this is where I cried for help. Say what? Continue reading "Failed N-Gage T-Shirts"

Guest Comic – April

<a href=modules.php?op=modload&name=Comics&file=index&action=comic&id=83>Today’s comic</a> was done by <a href=user.php?op=userinfo&uname=Artzydivahuf>Artzydivahuf.</a> Now I normally don’t sleep very soundly but I obviously overslept by a couple months because I looked out the window this morning and what do I see? SNOW! Looking at all the snow made me think of what Hell must look like ever since I bought a Gamecube. So yesterday I finally got Guitar Freaks/Drummania for PS2. Upon picking it up at the post office I immedately raised the game into the air and proclaimed “by the power of Greyskull, I HAVE THE POWER!” However, my drum pads still haven’t came yet and it’s just not the same playing it with the controller. The countdown is on, 2 weeks until graduation. Continue reading "Guest Comic – April"