BSPC-051215 – King Krap

This is the Bitsmack Podcast for December 15, 2005. The first Bitsmack Christmas Carol: Bitsmack the red-Gozed Podcast, had a very funny Goz. And if you ever heard it you would even say it shows. All of the other podcasts used to laugh and call it names they never let poor Bitsmack join in any podcast games (like Conker’s) then one foggy Christmas eve Santa came to say: “Bitsmack with your Goz so bright won’t you host my show tonight?” then how the podcasts loved it as they shouted out with glee “Bitsmack, the red-Gozed Podcat you’ll go down in history.” Half of HDTV owners aren’t watching TV in HD. King Kong Credit Card Burger King Promo YouTube - WOW King Kong Reviews