BSPC-050922 – Revolutionize This!

This is the Bitsmack podcast for <a href=>September 22, 2005</a> Guest starring: Brad ==Opening Banter== <a href=>Dungeons and Dragons for Dummies</a> ==News== <a href=>TGS 2005: Miyamoto unveils Nintendo’s Revolution controller</a> ==Rants== RC: Insight drops WB/UPN ==Commentary== Ultimate Spider-Man, X-Men Legends II, Game Boy Micro, Mallrats X ==Reviews== RC: Lost… still awesome. ===What we’re playing=== RC: World of Warcraft, Activision Anthology Goz: Katamari Damacy Brad: World of Warcraft, Ultimate Spider-Man ==Closing Remarks== <a href=>Serenity in 8 days