BSPC-050804 Now with more people!

Goz: This is the Bitsmack podcast for August 4, 2005 Intro Music ==Opening Banter== Special Guest: Eddie (DJ Paranoia) from RC: I got Punk'd by Gozar: Welcome ===Bitsmack Mailbag=== ==News== Hands on with the Apple Mighty Mouse Inside the Mighty Mouse ==Rants== ==Commentary== Family Guy the Movie ==Reviews== ===What we're playing=== Goz: Sly Cooper (PS2), Robotron 2084 (Midway Arcade Classics) GC K-dog: Pop'N Music 11, Beatmania IIDX 9th Style, Animal Crossing RC: Phantom Dust, Activision Anthology djp: Pop'n Music 11, Beatmania IIDX 9th Style, FreQuency, Earthbound, Animal Crossing, Meteos, Nanostray Amazon Phillips Divx DVD player $62 ==Closing Remarks==