Finger Lickin Good

Here is the latest episode: <a href=>BSPC-050331.mp3</a> Or you can download the low quality: <a href=>BSPC-050331-16k.mp3</a> <a href=>Wendy’s Chili: Finger Lickin Good</a> <a href=>Meteos to come to DS</a> <a href=>Iwata discusses Revolution</a> <a href=>PSP built-in web/email/office viewer</a> <a href=>Sony gives up on the PS3 showing</a> Fox’s New Cartoon Sunday Question of the week answer: MPEG-4 Winners: The Raj, Ryan Harvey This Weeks Question: What Magic the Gathering card sounds most like a disease? Send your answers, questions or comments to [email protected] or call into us at 206-222-BITS (2487).