PSP Launches

Here is the latest episode: <a href=>BSPC-050324.mp3</a> Or you can download the low quality: <a href=>BSPC-050324-16k.mp3</a> Special guests K-Dog and Brad <a href=>Paula Abdul Hit and Run</a> Brad buys PSP PSP vs. DS vs. GBA ranting <a href=>New World of Warcraft patch released</a> <a href=>Beast, Gambit and Angel rumored to be in X-Men 3</a> Send your questions or comments to [email protected] or call into us at 206-222-BITS (2487). Corrections: After our recording I realized that some of the email sent to [email protected] was caught by my junk mail filter. Craig Maloney got our question of the week right! He also sent his thoughts on Star Trek video games but for some reason the mp3 didn’t come through. If you could send that again Craig, we’ll play it next week. This weeks question: What format must video be converted to, to play on the PSP?