Handheld WAR! What is it good for?

I was really debating on whether or not to get the <a href=https://www.bitsmack.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=Comics&file=index&action=comic&id=426>Nintendo DS.</a> I think the fact that it sold out at so many places just made me want it more. Brad and I both picked one up with Super Mario 64 DS. I don’t know how to classify this system. It is less comfortable to carry then the original Game Boy but the games are so much fun I want to carry it with me. I thought the touch screen was going to be a gimmick but all the games I’ve seen utilize it in some way. Even though Super Mario 64 is my favorite Mario game I was worried that I would get tired of it quick, but they have added so many minigames, a couple extra levels, and 3 new characters to play as. The DS also comes with a Metroid Demo which has 3 training levels and multiplayer. I don’t think the multiplayer is that interesting when you only have a blaster and missles. Even Doom had more weapons. Oh well, I am way too tired to give the DS a thorough review. I also have news on a charity that Brad (the other guy in today’s comic for those that are new) started up. We are taking donations of toys and games for Children’s Hospital in Columbus. Are you copying Penny Arcade, you might ask. Absolutely. We rip off ideas to help kids. I’ll post all the information on how you can help tomorrow. Stay classy Bitsmack. UPDATE: Here is the <a href=http://amazon.com/gp/registry/HZX80MQT0AYG>Amazon wish list</a> if you want to donate to the Columbus Geeks Children’s Hospital charity. We should have page to show our progress soon.