Ice Cold Justice

It’s <a href=>cold</a> outside. Real cold. Today’s comic isn’t the one that got erased Wednesday. I’ll save that idea for another day when I can’t think of an idea. Did anyone see the MTV Ultimate Gaming Countdown? I was going to avoid it fearing that it would only pander to the adolecent male gamer sterotype and be another GTA lovefest. Instead I gave it chance because Seanbaby of EGM fame hosted it. It becomes obvious fairly quickly that he is funnier as a writer than a TV host. The show then turns into an hour long Filter episode with better background music. The one thing it did offer however was instead of just counting down a list they interviewed the most crazed fanatic for each game. For Dance Dance Revolution they interviewed a girl who lost a lot of weight playing the game. This is great and all but do you have to mention the number of pounds you lost no fewer than 3 times? After that they invterview a guy who bought one of the cars from Gran Turismo 3. I don’t really know how the rest of the episode went because I haven’t watched it all. On the one hand, the show kinda sucks. But on the other hand it’s about video games, so I’m torn. If you get a chance turn on MTV. I have no doubt they’ll rerun this a few times a day for the next couple weeks.