Raiders of the Lost Crap

Yeah it’s Friday. <a href=>Comic!</a> Anyone aLIVE out there? The xbox live service it the quickest, easiest, way to play multiplayer games online. That being said, why am I not using it? I think its because I’d rather play against my friends than profanity spewing strangers. It’s not like right now I go down the street knocking on random doors looking for someone to play Unreal Championship, why would I do the same thing online? So now I’m asking if any of you are on xbox live and would like to play a game. Now that K-Dog is living off campus I’m trying to talk him into signing up. Microsoft is adding new features like the ability to see what games your friends are playing through the web. Let me know what you guys think. Continue reading "Raiders of the Lost Crap"

The $8.75 Red Pill

You have already decided whether or not to read today’s comic. You just need to figure out why you made that choice. The Matrix Reloaded is two movies in one! You have an action movie with pretty cool special effects, then you also have an hour long psudo-psychology lecture. These two movies really have no relationship with one another. I enjoyed the movie and want to see it again, but I think it was way too preachy at times. What do you think? Join our discussion in the forums. Continue reading "The $8.75 Red Pill"