Main Characters

rc2.jpg RC - The leader and hero of Bitsmack. Ashley - RC’s former wife and current roommate. kdog.jpg K-Dog - RC’s nephew. He plays DDR, various rhythm games and XBOX 360. goz.jpg Goz - RC’s older brother. He plays Atari.

Backstory Highlights

2002 - RC and K-Dog live together for the summer. When they aren’t at the mall playing DDR, RC starts drawing the Bitsmack comic strip.

2003 - RC graduates college and moves to Columbus. There she meets up with Brad, The Rogg and the rest of the Devryguyz.

2004 - RC buys a house, gets a new Mac, and the comic switches over from Paint Shop Pro to Flash. Brad and Will move in with RC.

2005 - Lots of Magic The Gathering, Texas Hold ‘Em and World of Warcraft is played. Brad and Will move out.

2006 - Comic updates become scarce. Eventually RC gets focused on writing more bizarre, random jokes.

2007 - RC tries a few Lego comics. Later she inadvertently deleted all the Flash files she uses for the comics. On the brink of quitting she finds a file with a few of the characters and decides to keep going.

2008 - RC and Ashley start dating, which goes completely against all odds for a basement dwelling geek.

2009 - RC and Ashley get engaged. Wedding plans ensue.

2010 - RC and Ashley get married, proving that geeks can get the girl.

2011 - RC and Ashley prepare for the ultimate miniboss, a baby!

2012 - The first son of Bitsmack is born.

2013 - Another challenge on the horizon.

2014 - The Bitsmack kingdom receives its princess.

2015 - RC attempts to balance geek hobbies with raising two kids.

2016 - RC goes through some changes. She and Ashley split up but remain BFFs.